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Tour Information for Weston Plantation

Limited Tours on the following days:

July 24–Limited Tours in the AM 

July 29–Limited Tours, please call for hours  

Please call for additional information

Last tour each day–3 p.m.  


City Point Early History Museum, 609 Brown Avenue,

is under renovation-No tours at this time


 Lunch & Learn Series 

July 17–Barclay DuPriest–The Irish Immigrant Who Outfoxed the Redcoats and Saved the General 

July 24–Richard Cheatham–President of Precedents, Yet Another Virginian 

July 31–Ken Chandler–Life of the Revolutionary War Soldier  

Aug 7–Paula McDonough–The Mail-Order Brides of Jamestown Colony

Aug 14–John H. Jones–Songs from the Heart 

Aug 21–Debbie Phillips–Edgar Allan Poe’s Mother 

Aug 28–H. Lee Dixon–Taps on the Wall:  An Overview of POW’s in Vietnam 

Sept 4–Marc Holma–Richard Henry Lee 

Sept 11–Bert Cole–Things to Do and See in Virginia 

Sept 18–Jeanie Langford–My Sweet Analine:  The Former Allied Chemical “A” Plant


Susanna’s Midnight Ride:  The Girl Who Won the Revolutionary War by Libby Carty McNamee 

Almost five years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution hung in the balance.  In late May 1781, General Cornwallis invaded City Point and quartered his army close to Weston Manor.  As 16-year-old Susanna Bolling served the British general and his officer’s dinner, she overheard their plans to capture General Lafayette and crush the American Rebellion.  Under the cover of darkness, she snuck out of her  house and canoed downriver past Weston.  Then she grabbed a neighbor’s horse and rode ten miles to the Half-Way House to warn Lafayette.  But would she make it undetected?  The 2019 Virginia General Assembly recognized Susanna’s bravery, designating her birthday of December 5 as “Susanna Bolling Day” throughout the Commonwealth.  “Susanna’s Midnight Ride: The Girl Who Won the Revolutionary War” is based on the TRUE story of this local heroine, whose story is just becoming known to Virginia, America, and the world.

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Libby Carty McNamee has received a proclamation from the Virginia General Assembly regarding the Declaration of a “Susanna Bolling Day”



Weston Plantation

400 Weston Lane
Weston Lane & 21st Avenue
Hopewell VA 23860

Mon-Sat: 10:00AM - 4:30PM
Sun: 1:00PM to 4:30PM


Adults - $8.00
Active Military - $6.00
Children under 12 Free with adult
Groups of 10+ - $6 per person

City Point History Museum

Currently Closed for Renovations

609 Brown Avenue
Hopewell VA 23860

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